What Factors become Causes of a Brake Noise?

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If you are a car owner, you might be alerted when your car starts to make an unfamiliar noise when you brake. While this is a sign of concern, there is no need to worry too much until you get to the bottom of the problem. Cars usually start to emit foul smells and produce noise at the start of the season when air conditioners are switch on after being out of use for a while. This is an indication that you need to take your vehicle to car air conditioning specialists for service. However, sometimes air conditioners are not responsible for causing an aggressive noise to come from the car.  In this article, we will be discussing the different causes that lead to brake noise. 

Four main factors that lead to brake noise

The brakes are worn out

Our cars go through a lot of wear and tear over the years. Sometimes the underlying cause of brake noise is connected to the condition the brake pads are in. They can get worn out and start to make noise. The issue in the brake pad material can cause the engine to become hot. If excessive heat is built up within the braking system, it can lead to glazing and result in the hardening of the pad and the rotor causing noise every time you hit the brakes.  In extreme cases where the brake pad material is completely gone, the car can start making grinding noises.

The brakes are used excessively

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If the brakes are used more frequently in a short period, such as while driving down a long hill, brake fade can occur. Brake fade is a condition that is caused by overheating of the brakes resulting in functional abnormalities. Once brake fade happens, you will require twice as much force to exhibit the same stopping power. In case you feel that brakes are beginning to fade, we recommend conducting a quick pressure check to ensure the brake hydraulics are functioning correctly. Hydraulic pressure checks are very simple; you just have to pump the pedal a few times while your car is parked, and if the brakes are working correctly, you will feel the pedal getting firm with each pump.

The brakes are dirty

Brake dust along with the dirt carried by shoes can begin to accumulate around the pedal. This can lead to uneven braking when the brake pedal is pressed, consequently leading to brake noise. Drum brakes are particularly susceptible to this problem as the brake dust can deposit within the drums.

The bottom line

A car has become every person’s necessity to function in the 21st century. However, car maintenance takes a lot of effort, and it is every driver’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle they are driving is safe to be on the road. For this purpose, we highly recommend taking your car to a mechanic if you sense an error in its functionality and getting it fixed before you decide to take it out on the road.

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