What Is The Invisalign Technique?

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Today there are many innovations found in orthodontics, so patients who wish to improve the alignment of their teeth should know that they can use a wide variety of available techniques. Among the techniques most used in our dental clinics in Barcelona and Madrid are the sapphire brackets and the Invisalign technique.

Next, we will explain what the Invisalign technique consists of since we are facing one of the options that currently have the greatest claim. And the truth is that it is not surprising if we take into account that we are facing a practically invisible and removable method.

One of the main novelties offered by the Invisalign technique is that it does not use traditional dental braces. Since the specialist makes use of transparent splints, known as aligners.

What Is The Invisalign Technique?

What is the Invisalign technique?

Aligners are made to measure depending on the needs of your particular case. In this way, the function of the aligner is to achieve dental movement.

And, just as happens in any technique related to orthodontics, periodic visits to your orthodontist are necessary to adjust the aligners with the aim of continuing to exercise the function of aligning the teeth correctly. You want to make your smile allegiant and beautiful visit here www.alignbeautyorthodontics.com.

Another feature offered by the Invisalign technique that we use in our Clinics in Barcelona, Madrid or Badalona, is the possibility of knowing the final results beforehand. Thanks to a three-dimensional program (clincheck) you can see how the mouth will be once the process has taken place.

However, this is a method that brings together a wide range of advantages that leave no one indifferent. One of them is that Invisalign respects your dental aesthetics during treatment. Since the aligners are transparent and barely noticeable.

In addition to this as we have advanced previously, we can extract the device to carry out different daily actions.

As for example, eat or clean our teeth. Being this an option that not only offers us comfort, but also that allows us a greater facility when carrying out the routine of dental hygiene.

Why do adults choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is an effective orthodontic treatment that helps people with dental alignment problems to get a prettier smile.

It is a very popular option among people who are uncomfortable with their smiles but do not want to have to go through the ordeal of metal brackets.

Invisalign is transparent

What is the Invisalign technique?

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Many adults avoid undergoing orthodontic treatments with braces because they are ashamed to wear them. In this sense, Invisalign provides an ideal alternative because being invisible does not change the smile during the procedure.

Thanks to this orthodontic technique, you can get well-aligned teeth and a prettier smile without anyone noticing.

Invisalign is removable

The fact of undergoing orthodontic treatment does not have to affect your day today. The traditional brackets are fixed and you cannot eat according to what foods with them, something that does not happen with Invisalign.

Because they are removable, Invisalign splints can be conveniently removed for eating or brushing conventionally.

In this way, you can continue eating everything you want during the treatment period. You can also maintain proper dental hygiene without problems.

Invisalign is effective

Invisalign is an effective treatment option for dental misalignment and can solve many different pathologies. Have diastemas between the teeth, suffer overbite, underbite, open bite, crossed bite or cramped teeth.

The technique of Invisalign in Barcelona and Madrid of Propdental can correct the position of the teeth until they take them to their ideal place.

This helps you achieve a more attractive but also healthier smile. Since having well-aligned teeth facilitates dental hygiene and reduces the risk of caries and periodontal disease.

Why choose the Invisalign technique in Propdental?

Opting for Invisalign at Propdental Clinics is a highly recommended solution if you are looking to improve dental alignment through an aesthetic and comfortable method.

On the other hand, we must not only focus on the functional and aesthetic advantages proposed by this method of orthodontics, but also known as “Invisible”. Since we must also emphasize that through the Invisalign technique we will achieve excellent results.

When talking about the approximate duration of your Invisalign, you have to assess the situation of your particular case.

Therefore, it is not feasible to estimate an exact duration before the clincheck study. Although as a general rule the treatment of Invisalign will last between 6 and 18 months.

If you are not comfortable with the current position of your teeth. Talk to the orthodontist Invisalign provider of Propdental to study your particular case.

At Propdental Clinics, we have a team of certified orthodontist’s Invisalign provider. And that will attend you in a personalized way with the aim of offering the best alternative depending on your particular situation. If you want to achieve a more aesthetic smile with an orthodontic treatment without braces. Ask your Prophet orthodontist how it can help you get the desired image.

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