What Is The Use Of Rack Oven?

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When baking is your passion, there is no way you wouldn’t have a premium quality oven in your kitchen. Rotating rack ovens are an old invention of 1958, but their popularity is still the same as the day they were introduced. Whether it is cooking the most delicious food, baking cooking and pastries, or roasting the finest chicken and turkey, rack ovens are widely used in both residential and commercial kitchens. So, what is the main reason behind this wide usage and popularity? The best part of rotating rack ovens is that you can use them in the most versatile manner offered by any other type of ovens.

What Is A Rack Oven

Rack ovens are large-sized ovens, mostly used in commercial kitchens such as 5-star hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. Rack ovens usually have one or more than one racks that can hold up to 30 pans at a time. These ovens are specially designed for a larger production. The racks on the ovens are wheeled so that you can rotate them at any level you like. These ovens are available in both gas-operated and electrical operating systems.

How You Can Use A Rack Oven For The Perfect Dishes

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Like every other oven, rack ovens also have different temperatures and heat distribution feature at different levels. You have to adjust the racks on the right level because cooking something may need lesser heat distribution than baking. Following are the different ways to arrange your rotating rack oven for making different types of dishes.

Top Rack

The top oven rack placement is perfect if you want the top of your dishes to look rich and brown. Set your oven on preheat before placing the pa inside the oven. Once you place the dish inside, the heating element from the bottom will turn off, giving the heat that is already distributed inside the oven. This setting will create an even temperature as long as the dish is getting baked. Once, the dish starts getting brown enough, you can turn on the boiler so that it will cook perfectly from the inside as well. The top rack is the best for casseroles, gratins, and crisps.

In The Middle

The rack in the middle s the default positioning in the rack ovens that allows equal heat from both top and bottom. This setting is best when you are looking for evenly cooked food such as fish, chicken, cookies, brownies, and more. Make sure you are baking on one rack at a time when you are using the oven’s default arrangement. You can arrange the sheet pans on the top and bottom thirds of the oven if you want to cook on more than one rack.

On The Bottom

Pies, vegetable bread, pizzas, and other dishes that require the filling to be cooked perfectly with a nice and crunchy crust requires to be cooked on the bottom rack. The bottom rack is the nearest to the heat source, which is why you get a nice brown crust with cooked fillings.

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