What Made the PlayStation 2 So Successful?

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When it was first released in North America back in 2000, PlayStation2 became an incredible phenomenon. The console stayed on top of the sales chart for years and years. Some of its games were even once considered as the bestsellers! On its release date, it sold at a rate of six game consoles per second. At its peak, it reached up to 157.49 million units’ lifetime sales.

It is still so popular that people still use PS2 HDMI adapter to play their ps2 games on their HDTV. But why is it so popular? Let’s try to figure it out.

Long Life Span

When video game consoles are released, the lifespan of the average console is usually only five years. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, the PlayStation 2 might be one of those cases. The console was launched in 2000, and it managed to be successful for years because of its long lifespan.

PS2 is the console with the longest life span in gaming history. Roughly 157 million units accrued sales that are unheard of on a console today, and it’s still going strong in some parts of Asia.

Huge Market Presence

The PlayStation 2 was an awesome console that hit the market at a time when the industry was at its peak.

With competitors like Microsoft’s Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube, Sony gave a fierce competition pitting one against another to determine which console will ultimately win over fans and create dominance in the gaming industry.

The results were astounding as Sony ended up selling 115 million units of the PS2 worldwide. It is still considered as one of the best-selling consoles to date despite being 20 years old already.

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DVD Playback

The PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 and was the successor to the original PlayStation. It was an instant success and was the first gaming console to have DVD playback

Right from the start PlayStation 2 was advertised as a DVD playing device, something that was not possible in its main competitors at the time. The system was also able to play both CDs and DVDs which created some sort of consistency between games and movies, making it more appealing for customers.

An Amazing Controller

If you were to ask someone what the definition of a perfect controller was, they would probably reply that it’s what the PlayStation 2 used. The PlayStation 2, while not the most powerful console out there, was hugely popular due to a few key factors: being incredibly affordable at $299 and having a fantastic controller.

PS2 crushed its competition with an amazing controller. Sony used what’s called an “analogue stick,” allowing better precision when playing video game classics like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

This kind of controller was new and exciting at the time. The contours of the gamepad just fit beautifully into your palm plus the added back grip gave it the right amount of stickiness to keep it firmly in your hand.

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Bottom Line

The PlayStation 2 was Sony’s answer to the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox. The PS2 was a much better console in terms of marketing, quality games, and overall popularity because of the superior technology of DVD over today’s CD-ROMs. Indeed, the PS2 is the best-selling home video game console of all time.

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