What Oral Issues Your Child Can Face

Little siblings with big smiles and missing milk teeth
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Even though it has been not a long time since your child has grown teeth, still, they can have many oral problems just like adults. If you give instant attention to the dental problem symptoms of your child, you might get safe from spending a lot of time and money. Eventually, your child would face less difficulty and pain. Sterling orthodontics can cure kid’s dental problems too. The Orthodontist sterling VA are specially trained to look after the issues of developing jaws and teeth. It is necessary to look for a trained orthodontist who can treat your child’s teeth problem in the best way possible so that your kid won’t have to suffer much.

There are many oral issues that a child can face, but tooth decay is at the top of the list. Most of the time, parents neglect their child’s rotting teeth because they think that these are not their permanent teeth then why to care for so much?  But the reality is if the milk teeth are not appropriately and healthily treated.  Then the child can face different severe dental issues once he/she gets the permanent teeth in the future, and you will need Sterling orthodontics treatment.

Everybody should have dental education, especially parents. The parents should have the ability to identify any tooth problem in their children as early as possible. Identifying the dental issues in an early stage can minimize the risk of the severe oral problem in kids, and you might not need sterling orthodontics treatment for this.

– The most typical dental problems in kids:

So, what are the most common dental issues your child can face? Here are some of the oral issues every parent should know to have better oral health for their children.

1. Tooth decay:

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues a child can face. And if it is not appropriately treated, it can cause severe dental problems which can lead to different speaking and eating problems in the future. But the good news is, tooth decay is curable as well as preventable. Parents who regularly visits orthodontist sterling VA with their child, resolve this issue effectively and quickly. The orthodontists encourage parents to take their children for a regular dental check-up to ensure the healthy oral wellbeing of the child.

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2. Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking might be the most soothing and comforting reflex for your child, but it can lead to misalignment of your child’s teeth. The sooner this habit is prohibited, the better.

Thumb sucking habit after the age of 5 can be hazardous regarding the teeth alignment of your child. It is better to make your child quit this habit before he/she gets permanent teeth. Due to thumb sucking, your child’s teeth might be pushed out of alignment, which creates an overbite and sterling orthodontics treatment that can cure this problem. Thumb sucking may also cause speech problems because of the misalignment of lower and upper jaws. Children might find the habit of thumb sucking comforting and relaxing and might resist to quit it. But if the parents offer positive reinforcement, they can make their kid stop taking that little thumb in their mouth.

3. Bad Breath

If you smell a bad odor when your child breathes, this means your child has bad breath. This might be temporary as many foods like garlic and onion can cause the smell, and for this, you might not need sterling orthodontics treatment. Lack of water in your child’s body and dehydration can also cause bad breath. Thus, poor oral hygiene can lead your child to a smelling mouth. Concerning orthodontist sterling VA is essential for the right oral health of your kid.

4. Tongue Thrusting:

It is a minor habit of your child in infancy, but it can cause serious orofacial disorders which affect the speaking ability of your child. When your child’s lips touch, their tongue automatically extends. As the infant grows older, this habit fades on their own, and you might not need to visit orthodontist sterling VA. But if the child continues this habit even over time, then you might need sterling orthodontics treatment.

It is essential to teach your child good oral health, and you won’t need sterling orthodontics treatment. Additionally, good oral health impacts the overall health of your child.

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