What Size Is A Double Bed Mattress?

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There are many things you have to consider when buying a bed or mattress. Size of a person and the number of people count when selecting the right sized bed or mattress. Formerly, it was a single bed mattress for single people and a Double bed mattress for couples and siblings. But with time, more sizes evolved and eventually became standard sizes in the UK. It is not just a single or double bed mattress anymore, but there are a variety of sizes that you can choose for two people sharing a bed. We shall first see what a double mattress is, what size it is, and what substitutes it has.

Double Bed Mattress:

A double bed mattress is a mattress for two people. In metric dimensions, the size of a double bed mattress is 138× 188 cms, and in the imperial dimensions, the size is 4’6” 6’2”. Though the word indicates a size double of a single bed mattress, it is not. A Double bed mattress is slightly smaller than the double size of a single bed mattress.

Is A Double Bed Mattress Different From A Full Mattress?

A full and double bed mattresses are the same. These terms are used interchangeably with respect to the region and dialect. Their sizes are also the same i.e. 54 ×74 inches. Buying anyone of them won’t impact the size of bed mattresses. Whether it is a double bed mattress sale or full mattress sale, buy any of it without any hesitation if you want a double mattress because these are two names of one mattress.

Who are double bed mattresses suitable for?

The double bed mattresses are suitable for people living in small rooms and those who have a small bed. It is also suitable for kids who have joint beds.

Benefits of Double Bed Mattress:

The prime benefit of a double bed mattress is cost-efficiency. It offers a decent size at a decent price. The costs of other big sizes like queen, king, and super king mattresses are very high compared to it. Also, it is suitable for all ages and body sizes of people, which makes it an ideal standard for everyone.

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Alternatives of Double Bed mattress:          

A double bed mattress was used for two people sharing a bed, but in the 1950s, the King and Queen bed mattresses were introduced, which became very popular as substitutes for regular double bed mattresses.

1- Queen Bed Mattress:

Queen Mattress is a suitable bed mattress for two people that has a size of 153 cm× 203 cm that makes it 5’× 6’8”. The extra space compared to a regular double bed gives more space to relax.

2- King Bed Mattress:

A king bed mattress is of a size 183 cm× 203 cm in metric dimensions and 6’× 6’8” in the imperial dimensions. It is a bed mattress for two people and favourable for taller people who need more leg-room.

3- Super King Bed Mattress:

Super King bed mattress is enormous. People who want extra-large space on the bed can opt for super king mattresses whose size is 203 cm ×203 cm that makes it 6’8”× 6’8”.

In a nutshell, a double-size bed is a standard and moderate-sized bed mattress that is beneficial in terms of cost and durability. 

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