What to Look for When Choosing New Windows

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Is your home cold and draughty? Is your electricity bill out of control? There’s a good chance your windows are causing this strife.

According to energystar.gov, you can save up to $583 per year by installing energy-efficient windows in your home. 

So, don’t delay any longer, check out our guide for choosing the best windows to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and appeal. 

The Best Windows Suit Your Home

Bay windows are gorgeous, but they’re not suited to a modern-style home. Likewise, the latest aluminum window frames will look out-of-place on a colonial mansion.

Always keep your home’s design in mind when selecting a window installation. If your new windows don’t suit your home, they’ll decrease its curb appeal. 

Most types of windows today can offer energy-efficient benefits, regardless of their design. The three most popular types of windows are:

Double-Hung Windows

In these designs, the bottom pane slides up when you open the window. These windows are a classic choice, but they’re not the most energy-efficient solution in extreme climates. 

That’s because the sliding mechanism allows cold or hot air to intrude between the sliders.

Casement Windows

These windows have a crank mechanism that slides the window outward when you open it. Provided they’re closed at the time, these windows seal tighter when the wind blows against them, creating an airtight seal.

Picture Windows

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Picture windows show off your views beautifully, but they don’t usually open. That means they’re inefficient at cooling your home on hot days.

You can add double- and triple-pane glass to these windows to increase their efficiency.

The Best Glass for Energy Savings

On its own, glass isn’t the greatest insulator. It heats and cools quickly depending on the weather outside. Yet, double- and triple-pane glass offers excellent energy efficiency. 

Manufacturers fill the space in between these panes with argon gas that increases their efficiency several times over. Low E-glass is another outstanding choice that limits the amount of heat and cold that enters through your window glass.

Always look for a low U- and solar heat gain coefficient value when shopping for windows. These numbers indicate how much heat can flow in and out of your home via the glass.

Frame Materials for Maximum Durability

Your window frames don’t impact energy efficiency as much as the glass does, but they can affect your window repair and maintenance budget. Always look for materials that require little maintenance when considering your window replacement options.

These are the most common window frame materials:

  • Wood – expensive, aesthetic, and high maintenance
  • Aluminum – low maintenance and eco-friendly
  • Wood-clad – low-maintenance, attractive, and energy-efficient
  • Composite – maintenance-free and eco-friendly
  • Fiberglass – high energy-efficiency and durability

Visit windowreplacement.net for more detailed information about the different window materials available. 

Your Gateway to a Better Home

Keeping this checklist in mind will help you choose the best windows to ensure your home becomes an energy-efficient, low-maintenance haven.

Would you like to discover extra tips for reducing your bills while increasing the comfort and aesthetics of your home? Browse our Homes & Gardens pages for all the best information. 

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