What Type of Pizza Dough are Most Lovable?

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Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is probably one of the most popular fast food that exists on this planet. According to the studies, in the US alone around 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second. Imagine how much would it be if we add up the slices eaten in the entire world! But why pizza? Humans by default are drawn towards food that are rich, complex, and full of flavor, and guess what pizza has it all. With every bite of it, you would want to have more and more every time.

What makes the pizza so perfect? Its all in dough! If you want a perfect pizza, you have got to have a perfect dough to get the perfectionist kind of pizza crust to tinkle your taste buds. From the basic ingredients to make the dough, the rest time, and getting that soft flexible texture, this is all you need to get the baked dough to taste chewy and tender-crisp. Always remember, if the crust isn’t right the fault is in the dough.

Now what crusts are loved across the globe? We are here to tell you about the type of pizza crust that you probably never knew existed. When you get your dough right, these are the crusts you should be expecting out of it.

The Classic Thin Crust

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If you are longing for something that’s downright crispy, then the thin crust is the one you should have. To achieve this, the dough is rolled out very very thin on the pan and is topped with your favorite toppings. As soon as it comes out of the oven, get ready to taste the crispy goodness of it. You do not have to leave the huge chunks of extra dough attached at the end of each slice. The best part, this crust is pretty light, eating 4 slices or more in a go is a piece of cake, or should we say pizza.

The Good ol’ Stuffed Crust

The stuffed crust adds a little kick to the traditional boring doughy crust that people usually left out. The most popular stuffed crust that exists is the cheeseeee! After the dough, the next important ingredient for the pizza is the cheese, and what better could it be when you add extra cheese to your pizza. Mama Mia that is just insane! The rich gooey cheese oozing out from that crust is like cheese heaven for cheese lovers. We bet you are salivating while you read the cheesy details.

Domino’s Style Crust

Dominos Stockport north has one of the best pizzas you can find. There is that secret ingredient added in the dough that makes the crust so so good. Even with the bready crust, it is spot on! The dough after its placed on the pan is coated with garlic parmesan goodness and that aroma of the fresh pizza coming out of their oven is to die for. You can have Domino’s pizza any time any day for the rest of your life and still never get enough of it just because they are the pioneers when it comes to the crust.

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