When Is It a Good Time to Hire a Residential Structural Engineer?

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Are you a homeowner who’s thinking about making additions to your house? Are renovations on your mind, but you’re questioning whether or not to hire a professional? 

DIY home improvement isn’t a new concept. During the pandemic, there was a sharp uptick in non-professional home improvement, with 80 percent of surveyed homeowners starting a project.

The problem with this is that DIY home improvement not only fails at a higher rate, but it’s also dangerous.

If you’re on the fence about your renovations, then don’t click away. This article will tell you when you should hire a structural engineer. 

You should Always Hire A Structural Engineer For Renovations

It’s easy to assume that you can just tear down that unappealing wall in your home without suffering any consequences. Yet, there is a chance that the wall may be load-bearing, and this could damage your home’s integrity. 

A structural engineer is a must-have for renovations, as they can give the architect the structural information they need to finish the job. By doing this, you can be sure that your home can be certified under your state’s requirements. 

If you are planning on making fundamental changes to your home, a structural engineer is your best bet at making the process safe and secure.

If You Need An Inspection Call a Structural Engineer

Damage to the foundation of your home can be devastating even when it’s minor. To learn about it in advance, you’re going to want a structural engineer to examine the property. 

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A structural engineer inspection will let you know if any underlying concerns can impact your home’s integrity. These can include water damage or cracking that can damage your house’s support system over time. 

These inspections are a crucial first step whether you’re buying or selling a home, and can make or break your status as a homeowner. 

You’ll Also Need One For Separate Home Additions

Structural engineers aren’t confined to renovations, they also overlook any additions you’d add to your home. 

Detached Additions include sections like a garage or shed that is outside of your main building. Although they aren’t connected to the house itself, you still want to make sure that they are structurally sound. 

If “structural engineer near me” is in your google search, you’ve probably been looking for a while. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to learn what you need about residential structural engineers

A Structural Engineer Can Put Your Mind At Ease 

There are plenty of unknowns that come with being a homeowner, but safety shouldn’t be one of them.

By hiring a structural engineer, you will know if there are any issues present in your home’s foundation. This is crucial if you are planning on buying or selling your house, and will easily make up for structural engineer costs. 

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