Which Appliance Manufacturer Has the Best Customer Service?

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Overall, the customer service provided by the manufacturers of large electrical appliances received good marks: Almost 83 percent of consumers were rather or even very satisfied with the on-site maintenance and repair service. The price, on the other hand, was a comparatively frequent home appliances repairs in Lafayette.

If the washing machine, freezer or dishwasher goes on strike, fast help is needed – for example, from the manufacturer’s customer service.

The majority of respondents were generally satisfied with the customer service provided by their major electrical appliance manufacturer. This was the result of a customer survey conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality on behalf of the news channel n-tv.

High Satisfaction with On-Site Service

Two companies even secured the quality rating “very good” in terms of customer satisfaction, while six others scored “good”. Three manufacturers’ customer services achieved a satisfactory result.

This satisfaction was also expressed in the willingness to recommend the company to others, which was positive for all eleven companies evaluated. Everywhere, the proportion of customers who would be very likely to advise their friends or acquaintances to choose the after-sales service was higher than the proportion of critics. Incidentally, consumers rarely ordered customer service for maintenance purposes. More than 90 percent of those surveyed only place the order when a repair is required.

Price is a Source of Annoyance In Some Cases

Despite the pleasing industry results, however, customer frustration was not uncommon: as many as seven percent of the survey participants said they had already been annoyed by their customer service. The most frequently cited complaint was poor value for money or excessive prices.

Markus Hamer, Managing Director of the German Institute for Service Quality, points out another result: “A surprisingly large number, namely a good 96 percent of those surveyed, would choose the customer service they rated again. This also proves that satisfaction with manufacturer service is strong.”

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The Winners of the Customer Survey

Bosch emerged from the customer survey as the winner and thus the most popular customer service major electrical appliance manufacturer. Customers were most satisfied with the price-performance ratio of this supplier in comparison. In terms of the on-site maintenance and repair service and the quality of the user manual, the company came second best in each case. In addition, all customers surveyed would choose the supplier again.

Miele came in second with a likewise very good rating. In the company comparison, respondents were most satisfied with the on-site maintenance and repair service. The service lines aspect also received an extremely positive rating. In addition, the willingness to recommend the company to others was highest here.

Samsung took third place. The supplier scored second best in terms of price/performance ratio. Samsung also achieved good customer satisfaction scores in other areas, such as on-site maintenance and repair service.

How Satisfied Are You with Your Household Appliances?

This survey took years to complete. Millions of washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers reeled off their programs – even on weekends, often early in the morning or even late into the night. A special feature was that the testers did not work in laboratories, but in private kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Instead of professionals, the testers were dedicated consumers who took part in our survey. No one knows electrical appliances better than a large number of those who use them regularly. We wanted to tap into this wealth of experience and asked our readers and users on test.de: “How satisfied are you with your household appliances?” More than 14,000 people responded.

We Would Like to Thank the Survey Participants!

It’s quite clear – a survey cannot replace elaborate comparative tests such as those regularly conducted by Stiftung Ware test. But the experiences of you, the consumers, are an extremely helpful supplement to the tests. Your comments, such as which components were particularly susceptible to faults or repairs, will be incorporated into our test programs. We would like to thank all participants in the survey for supporting our work.

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