Why Are Protective Sports Eyewear Important?

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No so long ago, active sports players and athletes rarely shield their eyes from protective eyewear. However, sports-related eye injuries were also common and widespread which lead to the importance of sports eyewear and why they must be worn during games.

With time, parents, players and trainers realise wearing protective eyewear pays off in many ways whereas risk of eye injury/damage has been reduced significantly. In fact, advanced and professional fitness clubs, sports centres made it compulsory to wear proper eye gear which also enhanced player’s ability to see better and performance.

Still Not Into Protective Eyewear! Read This…

Quite surprising but Prevent Blindness America reported that every year, hospital emergency rooms receive above 40,000 cases of sports related eye injury! Even non-contact sports like table tennis and badminton pose certain danger to the eye. Always remember that any sports which involves balls, throw and flying objects, racquets so on can result in nose and eye injury.

That said, flying objects aren’t the only thing but many eye injuries also result from pokes, jabs, hit and elbow particularly in games when players are in close contact. A few examples are basketball, football, super bowl and even swimming, which makes it all too important to wear protective eyewear. On the contrary, enhancing player’s performance is another important reason to wearing eye protector.

Children who’ve had their retinopathy of prematurity Dubai diagnosed and treated need to be extra careful of their eyes throughout the life which means wearing protective eye gear during sports is a must thing for them. People with mild to moderate prescription usually participate in sports without wearing any sports eyewear but, trainers and players soon realised that sharp 20/20 vision is crucial for maximum performance which outlines the importance of prescribed contacts and eyeglasses.

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Sports Eyewear & Features to Consider

Remember that every protective gear for every industry is different which means your usual eyeglasses, sunglasses and on-the-job industrial eye safety wear aren’t a substitute for sports use. That said, these sports glasses come in many different shapes and sizes which means there’s one for racquet sports, others for basketball and soccer so on. Some are even designed to fit into headgear serving multipurpose.

Sports eyewear lenses are usually made of polycarbonate due to being impact-resistant thus best to protect the eyes from fast-moving objects. In addition, polycarbonate lens also has built-in ultraviolet light protectant which is quite a valuable feature for outdoor sports.

Polycarbonate lenses that are untreated can be easily scratched however, all sports eyewear include a scratch-resistant layer on both the front and back surface for twice the durability. These sports frames can accommodate both prescribed and non-prescribed lenses with frames constructed from high-impact resistant material yet comfortable to wear on the face.

Important Fitting Concerns for Children

Sports goggles must fit the individual wearer and this is particularly important with children. These sports eyewear are quite adjustable and flexible which means parents no longer need to buy a plus size frame just for room to grow. Do remember that children with previous case of retinopathy of prematurity or any other vision/eye related issue need to be extra careful of their wearable.

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