Why Scandinavia Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

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For adventurous couples wondering how to choose a honeymoon destination, Scandinavia is a perfect choice. And if you can’t fathom the appeal, try to think about the romance of the privacy that you get, and you’ll definitely see why couples are honeymooning in Scandinavia.

The honeymoon destination is ideal for various outdoor adventures during winter and summer. Besides, Scandinavia offers vast and varying landscapes that can be interesting for everyone. From the Blue Lagoon in Iceland to the snow-capped mountains in Norway, the sceneries in Scandinavia will make your honeymoon destination photos hard to beat.

If you’re thinking about how to choose a honeymoon destination, according to the best dating sites, here are a few countries that make Scandinavia the perfect honeymoon destination.

1.     Finland For Honeymoon

Still wondering how to pick your honeymoon destination? Mark your beginnings with a romantic retreat to Finland, and you will be enchanted – it’s a wonderland where magic is always in the air. This is a honeymoon destination where snow cover lasts about half a year; Finland is the perfect winter retreat.

You can spend the day exploring the virgin snow-swept landscapes, and the transport options are limitless. You can either choose snowmobiling, skiing, husky sledding, or snowshoeing. And by evening, forget the cold and snuggle up with your loved one in a room with a roaring fire while sipping a glass of Finnish wine.

While it’s hard not to picture the snowy scenery when thinking about Finland, summer in this wonderland is equally tantalizing. The days tend to overstretch, resulting in endless daylight, so you can enjoy your honeymoon longer!

2.     Iceland For Honeymoon

Iceland is the legendary land of fire and ice, and is among the most awe-inspiring honeymoon destinations. Take a retreat to this unique country and experience the Scandi style in its pure form. Iceland makes for a truly unique honeymoon destination full of all wonderful things, from amazing waterfalls and breathtaking glaciers to black-sand beaches and volcanoes.

When traveling to Iceland, we recommend that you always pack some swimming bathers since there are countless natural hot springs. And since pampering is a necessity for newlyweds, make sure to indulge in regular hot-spring dips.

And to ensure you are comfortable and constantly relaxed, you can count on accommodation at the Blue Lagoon. Alternatively, a quick getaway to the Silica Hotel grants you quick access to the spa, passes to a private geothermal bathing area, and complimentary access to the Blue Lagoon.

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You can either experience Iceland’s wild side by helicopter or road. But for newlyweds who live for extreme adventure, horseback would be more appropriate. What’s more? Conclude the adventure by descending into a dormant volcano, scuba diving between tectonic plates, or walk under waterfalls. In a nutshell, the possibility of activities and experiences in Iceland are endless.

If you visit Iceland between October and February, you’ll get the chance to experience the Northern Lights illuminating the sky. This is an experience that makes your honeymoon destination in Iceland breathtaking and out of this world.

3.     Norway For Honeymoon

Norway happens to be the coolest country with memorable honeymoon destinations in Scandinavia. It’s the perfect number one answer if you’re asking yourself what the top 10 honeymoon destinations are.

For a serene and memorable honeymoon destination after the hassles of your big day, head over to Norway, where the ecstatic vistas will wow you. The sophisticated architectural designs contrast the country’s ethereal natural landscape, making it a picture-perfect honeymoon destination.

In 2015, over 10.000 travelers voted Bergen as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Scandinavia and Europe in general. Surrounded by the Norwegian Fjords, Bergen is a great honeymoon destination for any new couple. Unfortunately, if you are wondering where the cheapest honeymoon destination is this may not be the best option.

And when you get there, make sure to try the best seafood offered at the Cornelius Seafood Restaurant – one of the top seafood restaurants in Norway built on a small island.

But that’s not all; Norway is also home to some of the world’s most breathtaking coastlines. You can get up-close with the twists and turns on the coastline by driving along the Atlantic Road. Alternatively, you can leave the mainland shore, take a private boat trip and start island hopping.

Head north and experience the intact Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, and you can stay at the famous Isfjord Radio restaurant. But it’s not just the oasis-like view at this property that we cherish; you can take a snowmobile and go searching for polar bears, walrus, and reindeers.

Final Words

Although many couples do not consider Scandinavia a traditional honeymoon destination of the year, it offers unique experiences. And if you can’t decide on a honeymoon destination during Covid, Scandinavia is teeming with stunning landscapes, and it makes for a honeymoon destination that offers the most thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Whichever destination you may pick, you can be assured of a honeymoon experience like none other at these stunning destinations in Scandinavia. Are you ready to experience a honeymoon destination in Scandinavia? Let us know your favorite destination in the comments section.

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