Why The Upcoming Winter Makes Storage Spaces A Must-Have

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Freezing temperatures are one of the main causes of damage to your tools, equipment, and vehicles. This means expensive repairs or even more costly replacements.

All that can be avoided when you properly winterise all your stuff.

Let’s find out how below!

To free up space in your home

Every autumn is the perfect time to prepare all your stuff for winter.

This is also an ideal time to go through everything and decide what’s worth keeping.

Make a list and go through all your stuff before you proceed with winterising. Donate, sell or dispose of any items you no longer need to free some space. That way, you will have free room in your home and avoid using unnecessary storage space.

Maybe you plan to have friends and family over for an extended holiday stay? This means needing extra space in your home, and storing away a few boxes of things, maybe even a piece of furniture, for a while.

Here are some useful tips before winterising your stuff:

Clean everything: dirt can attract pests, and it’s also much more pleasant to take clean things out than dirty ones.

Use covers: wool and cotton covers are excellent options to keep bugs away. Avoid plastic or vinyl, for they trap moisture, which can cause damage to certain items.

Repair everything: it’s always better to have things in running condition when you take them out of storage than not.

Keep electronics off the ground: as floors lose heat easy, prevent damage to your electronics’ batteries and internal components by elevating them above ground. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s best to keep them in climate-controlled storage units.

To save money

Winterising all your tools and equipment also ensures that nothing will get damaged over the colder months. After all, freezing temperatures are one of the main reasons stuff gets damaged. This always results in costly repairs or the need for replacements.

All that can be avoided if you take the time to clean and repair everything, and then you store them away safely.

Going through all your stuff and decluttering will also reduce the storage fee and transportation costs. And if you organize a garage sale and manage to sell some of those unneeded items beforehand, you can then use the money to cover some of the storage unit cost.

Given the current economic situation, doing everything you can to avoid additional expenses will surely be of great value and reduce financial costs this winter.

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To make switching homes easier

If you are planning to relocate this spring, hiring self-storage for the winter can ease up the entire process quite a bit.

Moving is an important but stressful experience, which can put a lot of strain even on the strongest relationships. That’s why proper prior planning and doing everything you can to make relocating seem seamless are so important.

First, you must plan the entire process several months in advance. Hiring a storage unit can relieve you of having to set up everything all at once, which can be overwhelming when everything adds up during the moving week.

Even more, out-of-season items can clutter up your new home well before you are done setting things up. You might even plan some sort of renovation, in which case, additional furniture will just get in the way. Having extra room to keep some of your belongings will be handy because it will reduce moving stress and decision fatigue, making the transition of switching homes easier.

To protect your vehicles from the elements

Every driver knows that protecting your vehicles over winter is a must. Properly winterising them will ensure not only that the paint doesn’t get damaged, but more severe damage like electronics and even corrosion will also be avoided.

If you are planning a long trip abroad for the holidays, and you don’t own a garage, it’s mandatory that you prepare your vehicle properly before you store it away.

Have your car serviced for winter conditions and switch to winter tires. Check your tire pressure, fill your washer fluid, and make sure you keep the battery in good shape. Add a fuel stabilizer before storing your car for extended periods of time to avoid corrosion damage.

To protect your gardening equipment

Autumn is also when you must prepare your garden tools and equipment for the upcoming winter.

First, you need to prepare your garden. Start by putting away all tools and equipment to ensure nothing gets in the way. Store all cold-sensitive plants inside, and make sure you eliminate weeds so they don’t sprout the first chance they get. Use some compost to amend deficient soil and add a thick layer of mulch to keep the soil’s temperature and moisture levels.

Next, you want to winterise any garden furniture. Clean and refresh everything with a mild soap, and then dry with a towel. If you intend to leave them out, be sure to cover them with appropriate materials.

Lastly, you want to get your shed in order and store away your gardening tools and equipment. Once again, clean, repair, and refresh everything to ensure nothing will get damaged over the winter and will be ready to use immediately once the warmer seasons return.

You also want to insulate your shed and fix any problems that might allow cold and moisture to enter and damage your items over winter. If you have too many things and not enough room, it might be a good idea to hire a storage unit.


Cold temperatures are the culprit behind lots of equipment damage and malfunction.

However, with proper preparation and some planning, you can minimize the chances of any problems occurring. You will also save money and have anything ready and in pristine condition come next spring. So, if you have items that need proper storage, better take the necessary steps to ensure everything stays protected during the colder months.

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