Work Accident Claims – How To Approach?

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The increasing cases of work accidents reported throughout the world are a serious concern for both employees and employers of any organisation. Injury claims at work occur when the employer fails to provide the due safety and security rights to the employees.

According to one statistics of Great Britain, “1.6 million working people are suffering from a work-related illness.” (1) Moreover, “693,000 working people sustain an injury at work according to the Labour Force Survey” (1) 

Making a claim when you have suffered an injury at work is your legal right and can be a source of compensation for the losses you had encountered. Let us look into different scenarios in which someone can encounter an injury at work.

Some of the work accidents claims involve:

  1. Breach of Contract: This involves the breach of contract that results in failing to provide the necessary health and security rights to the employees.
  2. Infrastructure Breakdown: This involves the infrastructure breakdown that results in the injury to the employees working in the building.
  3. Machinery and Transport Accidents: This involves the poor performance of the machinery leading to serious harm to the employee and accidents encountered while travelling for office work.

Approaching Work Accident Claims

While the laws demand the employer creating a safe and healthy environment for the employees at work, there are possible chances of encountering an accident due to the negligence of the employer.

Let us look at the different legal aspects when approaching a work accident claims after encountering a personal injury at work.

Hire A Solicitor

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Once you have encountered an injury at work, it is recommended to hire a solicitor who holds a specialisation in the area of personal injury and accident claims at work. When people suffer losses as a result of a work injury, it significantly affects their quality of life. Making a claim for compensation is your legal right. A solicitor will help you deal with the legal regulations required to present the case. It is important to discuss your case and the specific injuries that you had encountered with your lawyer. This will give a comprehensive and clear picture of your case that will result in effective presentation of your case.

Paying Your Solicitor’s Fee

Nowadays, you can easily hire a No Win No Fee Solicitor. This means that you will be free from the financial burden that will be incurred throughout the process until your solicitor can win compensation for you. However, once you win the compensation for your losses, you will be required to pay your solicitor’s fee which is normally a percentage of your compensation.

Demanding the Compensation

The compensation of your losses depends on various circumstances. Demanding the right compensation is only possible when you have strong evidence to support your case. The components involved in measuring the worth of your compensation are the seriousness of the injury and the lost wages encountered due to the injury.

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