Your New Hobby: 3 Cool Things to Collect and Save in 2022

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Our history of collecting unique items stems back to the Renaissance when aristocrats would keep and store collections inside cabinets of curiosities

We collect many of the same items today, such as unique or unusual trinkets from our travels to old books. Collecting is an opportunity to showcase both your items and your personality. 

If you’re looking for a new hobby, you should consider this list of cool things to collect. 

1. Rock Collecting

Rock collecting is a simple and free hobby that anyone can get into. You might find unique rocks while on vacation, camping, or on the beach. 

You can start exploring the area around your home, looking for anything that catches your eye. Find local walking trails, parks, and beaches where you might find some unusual rocks. Do some research to learn about the geology in your area and places where you might find different varieties of rock. 

It might take some time to gather an impressive selection, but it’s worth the effort. Plus, you’re spending time outdoors and getting good exercise each time you go on a hunt. 

Once you have a good selection, you can use this National Geographic Rock Tumbler to smooth out the rocks, bring out all the interesting details and patterns, and shine them up. 

2. Book Collecting

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Many people love collecting antique books, and they look phenomenal on your bookshelf. Old books represent a part of history, telling a tale in more ways than one. 

You don’t have to be into fiction to collect rare books either. Some people choose to collect antique medical books, botany texts, collections of drawings and prints, and so on. You might even start a hunt for first-edition books, which can be worth a lot of money. 

The easiest way to get into this hobby is to hit up thrift stores, used book shops, and antique stores. You might even come across a few rare books at garage sales or by asking your family for any that might be sitting around in the attic. 

3. Funko Pop Collecting

You’ve probably seen Funko Pops around in stores, especially book shops, game stores, and near toy aisles. 

A Funko Pop is a highly collectible vinyl figurine from pop culture, movies, video games, books, and comics. Many products are exclusives, and some are very hard to find. This makes many Funko Pops quite valuable, as production is limited and owning one means you might be able to sell it in the future for a nice profit. 

However, the most fun is collecting figurines from your favorite series. It’s an excellent way to show off your passions, as these collectibles are highly displayable. 

Finding Cool Things to Collect

We hope this list of cool things to collect inspired you to take up a new hobby. Whatever you choose to collect, make sure you have fun doing it, as that’s the most important part of starting a new collection. 

If you’re searching for other hobbies or you’re interested in learning about a variety of topics, check out some of our other posts. 

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